Style your strap

Style your strap

You've chosen the perfect crossbody phone bag or maybe just perfect for an occasion and you have more than one!  Now you get to have some fun experimenting with how to wear it, what outfits to pair it with, and how you can get the most style for your buck. Crossbody bags are endlessly versatile, so there's lots of styling options for you to try.

Ideally, your chosen bag will have an adjustable strap so you can experiment with  looks; shorten the strap for an evening look or switch it up and use a wristlet,  lengthen a little for day to day crossbody and easy access, wear the bag across your chest or by your hip. 

For even more versatility, you can add a feature bag strap to introduce a completely new mood. A feature strap can offer a distinctly different style and allows you to style day, night, casual or formal looks with your bag of choice. The same bag will look different depending on how you wear it and what strap you pair it with, so your style options are endless.

Opt for a fabric strap, or introduce a subtle hint of colour, or pattern with a strap in a shade that will compliment most of your wardrobe staples. Consider if you prefer a thick or thin strap - or mix up the finishes with a shiny gold and leather strap to add a bit of glam.  You can never get it wrong with classic black fabric.

Whatever you choose, have fun, experiment and rock your own style.

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