Fed up of the weather? Have a read of this to inspire your 2024 travels.

Fed up of the weather?  Have a read of this to inspire your 2024 travels.

Fed up of the rain, wind, storms?   Have you planned your summer holiday yet,  here are a couple of trends that you may want to consider.

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, we are likely to prioritise sustainable and eco-friendly travel options. This could include choosing destinations with strong conservation efforts and selecting transport with a lower carbon footprint.  Is this for you...  Would you enjoy a compost loo?  Solar heated shower?  Joking aside, with an increasing demand for sustainable destinations there are some seriously good options out there.

Maybe you need to disconnect from your hectic digital life?  As society becomes increasingly connected digitally, there's a growing desire to retreat and reconnect with nature. Nature, yoga and mindfulness retreats offering opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, exercise, yoga, camping, and wildlife spotting may see increased demand as we seek respite from the digital world and prioritise experiences that promote mindfulness and well-being.  Of course, it is highly likely that these destinations will also be sustainable and eco-friendly!

Perhaps you are a digital nomad?  The rise of remote work and digital nomadism is expected to continue influencing travel trends. More people, of all ages, are choosing to work remotely, allowing them to travel, experience new locations and create life enhancing memories while maintaining their careers. 

These trends reflect broader shifts towards more mindful, sustainable, and experiential travel experiences.  Wherever you go, make sure you keep your travel essentials safe, the Lonestar Nova bag is the perfect travel partner.

Happy travels!

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