Festival Fever!

Festival Fever!

As we slip into the summer, excitement is building for the vibrant festival season in the UK. Festival-goers are eager to immerse themselves in music, art, well-being and culture once again. 

Wether you're helping out at a local one-day event,  going to a full on multi day mega-festival, or dipping your toe into the festival scene this year, what to wear will be high in your thoughts. 

Cultural or well-being festivals may call more for a casual, loose fitting, cotton or linen vibe.  Music festivals will largely be dictated by their genre - country, vintage, rock, and then we have Glastonbury.    A bit marmite; loved by many for its diversity, variety, inclusion, scale, legacy and sniggered at by some for appealing to the masses.  If you're heading to Glasto, the only restriction on your wardrobe is your own creativity and inhibition!   Bold bright colours, metallic and shiny, feathery, lace, hats, sunnies, wellies (of course you'll need them!) Choose your lane and go for it.   Remember to always keep your phone and essentials safe but easy to access and keep your hands free to move to the music, the Nova is your perfect festival friend.

Festivals now have more than just a stellar line-up to consider; sustainability for example, reduction of single use plastic, provision of water,  waste management.  Or maybe their use of tech?  Connectivity for payments, RFID for entry and payments, VR and immersive experiences - it must be exhausting for the organisers! 

As the UK festival scene continues to evolve, give thought not only to your wardrobe but thanks to all the organisers who make events happen.  The Summer of 2024 will undoubtedly be an unforgettable season of celebration, connection, and creativity.  Have fun! 

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