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Everyone loves how their Lonestar bag is packaged!

Everyone loves how their Lonestar bag is packaged!

Our customers think we're missing a trick!   We're not shouting enough about  how our bags are sent out to you.  

Reflecting all of our cross body phone case bags, its simple and stylish.   The packaging is designed to reduce waste and allow you to recycle. It's minimal and a perfect size for your bag and extra strap ( don't miss out on this great offer!) The leather bag itself is encased in a cotton dust bag to provide extra protection and as we all know these little bags are great to repurpose!

Wether you're treating yourself or buying a gift for someone, the Lonestar packaging is everything you need,  stylish design and all wrapped up, perfect for the lucky recipient. 

Enjoy receiving your Lonestar delivery!

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