Do you prefer a winter sun holiday?

Do you prefer a winter sun holiday?

Opting for a winter sun escape over the traditional summer sun retreat does offer some advantages. While summer sun holidays are often associated with bustling crowds and scorching temperatures, winter sun getaways provide a serene alternative.

Along with the therapeutic benefits of warmth during the cold, wet, often miserable months, a winter break can counter the gloom of winter.   The excitement of Christmas long gone and with January offering short, often grey days it's easy to see the appeal of escaping to warmer climes.  

With fewer tourists, winter destinations boast quieter beaches and landscapes, creating a more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Being able to get a healthy does of vitamin D, scarce in winter, is another pro, enhancing mood and overall well-being.

Would you choose winter over summer sun if you had to pick?  If so, dig out your passport, pop it in your bag along with your phone, pack lightly and head to the airport!

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